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Cost-efficient Co-modal Ride-sharing Scheme Through Anticipatory Dynamic Optimisation

R. Kutadinata, R. Thompson, and S. Winter, “Cost-efficient Co-modal Ride-sharing Scheme Through Anticipatory Dynamic Optimisation,” in Proceedings of the 23rd ITS World Congress, 2016.


This paper considers the vehicle routing problem when dealing with a co-modal demand-responsive transport service. The vehicles in the service are shared among two modes of customers, passengers and goods deliveries. In particular, this paper develops a conceptual model in order to explore the performance of such a service with two different optimisation algorithms, namely deterministic re-optimisation and the Multiple Scenario Approach (MSA). An important contribution of this work is the formulation of the co-modality as a pick-up and delivery problem with time windows (PDPTW). In addition, the effect of using various constraints and penalty functions in the optimisation formulation will be investigated. The experiment will be carried out in a vehicle routing simulation developed in MATLAB by using a demand scenario obtained from the Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity (VISTA) data. In the model, the performance of the algorithms is measured by the operating cost, the number of customers whose time-window constraints are violated, and the average wait and detour time.