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CAITR 2015: hosting and more DRT

Shubham Jain will be attending CAITR (Conference of Australian Institutes of Transport Research) on 12-13 February, hosted by the Melbourne School of Engineering. He will be presenting work-in-progress on his MPhil thesis, focusing on the simulation of demand for demand-responsive transportation.

Mobility and accessibility is a problem for growing cities. To meet this challenge in a sustainable way, taking congestion, fuel consumption, and environmental impacts into consideration, new forms of transport need to be considered. One possible solution is Demand Responsive Transport System (DRTS) which provides flexible point-to-point service on casual requests. It operates at flexible routes and does not have pre-defined schedules. Before deploying a DRTS, we need to simulate the facility and we require to predict travel demand for it. Activity-based micro-simulation models for travel demand explicitly recognise that individuals and households are the actual decision makers, and that travel demand is derived from travellers’ desire to participate in spatially dispersed activities. This research attempts to predict travel demand for DRTS using activity based modeling. This paper presents early research and findings on generating synthetic population of city of Melbourne using PopGen and PopSynWin software and their comparison. Further research would assign travel diaries to synthetic population using Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity (VISTA) data and predict mode shift to DRTS.

Joann Yang, a research assistant in Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne, will also present a literature review on on-demand freight transportation. This is part of another paper in preparation for the upcoming City Logistics conference, which uses the demand-responsive transport simulations developed as part of the iMoD project to explore on-demand, shared passenger/goods travel.

Note that both Russell Thompson and Nicole Ronald are involved in organising CAITR, so will be present as well. We are looking forward to welcoming all the participating students, researchers, and practitioners from around Australia!

GIES Research Conference 2014

IMG_1690Our current iMoD research students are members of the Graduate Infrastructure Engineering Society (GIES) at the University of Melbourne. Each year GIES organises a conference at which the majority of the 130 research students in the department present their work and produce a poster (students who started recently are exempt). Academic staff members, including Stephan Winter and Nicole Ronald, chair sessions and provide feedback to students.

iMoD presented four presentations during the day: Michael Rigby, Rahul Deb Das and Haifeng Zhao presented in 10 minute slots, while Shubham Jain, as a new student, gave a three minute overview of his planned research. On the day, he was awarded a best presentation prize, based on ratings from both academic staff and research students. Prior to the event, Shubham Jain participated in the Second Slide competition.

We look forward to returning next year with more presentations!

Click for Michael's full poster.

Click for Michael’s full poster.

Click for Rahul's full poster.

Click for Rahul’s full poster.

New Research Fellow

ronaldDr Nicole Ronald recently joined the iMoD project as a Research Fellow in Collaborative Transportation, located in the Geomatics group at the University of Melbourne. With a background in transport modelling and software engineering, she is excited to have the opportunity to collaborate on a project with both academics and practitioners.

Nicole’s webpage contains more about her experience across research, teaching, and consulting.