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Disrupting Mobility Summit

The group submitted five abstracts for poster presentations in the Disrupting Mobility Summit: A global summit investigating sustainable futures to be held in November, Cambridge MA. All five were accepted. This summit is an interactive forum for leading executives, government representatives, and academics to discuss sustainable futures of transportation. It will bring together around 350 mobility experts from different continents. The program will tackle current trends in mobility by attracting thought leaders from companies, governments and academia. More details about the summit can be found here.

Here is the list of the posters we will present at the summit:

  1. R. Kutadinata, R. D. Das, C. Duffield, S. Jain, R. Kotagiri, L. Kulik, Z. Navidikashani, M. Rigby, N. Ronald, R. Thompson, M. Wallace, Y. Wang, S. Winter, “Shared, autonomous, connected and electric urban transport.” – the big picture of the Linkage Project
  2. Ronald, R. Thompson, R. Kutadinata, S. Winter, “Optimizing shared on-demand passenger and goods mobility.”
  3. Navidikashani, S. Winter, N. Ronald, R. Kutadinata, “Disruptive effects of demand responsive transport systems on mobility.”
  4. Wang, N. Ronald, R. Kutadinata, S. Winter, “How much is trust: The cost and benefit of ridesharing with friends.”
  5. S. Jain, N. Ronald, R. Thompson, R. Kutadinata, S. Winter, “Exploring susceptibility of shared mobility in urban space.”

ITS World Congress, 14-18 October 2013

Professor Stephan Winter will be representing the University of Melbourne’s advanced transport research at the ITS World Congress in Tokyo, on behalf of MATRIx/MUC, and in conjunction with ITS Australia. He is particularly interested in talking to researchers and industry about ad-hoc ride sharing and transport on demand solutions. More details about the congress can be found at www.itsworldcongress.jp.

Mathematics of Transportation Networks, 19-21 June 2013

The AMSI Workshop on Mathematics of Transportation Networks will be held at Monash University on 19-21 June. Confirmed keynote speakers include Prof Mark Wallace (Monash), Prof Katsuhiro Nishinari (University of Tokyo) and Prof Serge Hoogendoorn (Delft University of Technology). More details and registration can be found at http://users.monash.edu.au/~mpetn/.