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Mobility Patterns in Shared, Autonomous, and Connected Urban Transport

N. Ronald, Z. Navidi, Y. Wang, M. Rigby, S. Jain, R. Kutadinata, R. Thompson, and S. Winter, “Mobility patterns in shared, autonomous, and connected urban transport,” in Disrupting Mobility: Impacts of sharing economy and innovative transportation on cities, ser. Lecture Notes in Mobility, G. Meyer and S. Shaheen, Eds. Springer, 2017.


A number of recent technological breakthroughs promise disrupting urban mobility as we know it. But anticipating such disruption requires valid predictions: disruption implies that predictions cannot simply be extrapolations from a current state. Predictions have to consider the social, economic and spatial context of mobility. This paper studies mechanisms to support evidence-based transport planning in disrupting times. It presents various approaches, mostly based on simulation, to estimate the potential or real impact of the introduction of new paradigms on urban mobility, such as ad-hoc shared forms of transportation, au-tonomously driving electrical vehicles, or IT platforms coordinating and integrating modes of transportation.