Simulating Demand-responsive Transportation: A Review of Agent-based Approaches

Nicole Ronald, Russell Thompson, Stephan Winter (2015), Simulating Demand-responsive Transportation: A Review of Agent-based Approaches. Online first (16 Mar 2015), Transport Reviews.

In light of the need to make better use of existing transport infrastructure, demand-responsive transportation (DRT) systems are gaining traction internationally. However, many systems fail due to poor implementation, planning, and marketing. Being able to realistically simulate a system to evaluate its viability before implementation is important. This review investigates the application of agent-based simulation for studying DRT. We identify that existing simulations are strongly focused on the optimisation of trips, usually in favour of the operator, and rarely consider individual preferences and needs. Agent-based simulations, however, permit incorporation of the latter, as well as capture the interactions between operators and customers. Several areas of future research are identified in order to unify future research efforts.

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