International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science

Stephan Winter is co-chairing this year’s International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science, October 31st, 2016, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

The workshop is aiming to address the prominence of connected automated vehicles technologies in the global auto industry’s near-term growth strategies, of big data analytics and unprecedented access to sensing data of mobility, and of integration of this analytics into the optimization of mobility and transport. In particular, the following themes are encouraged:

  • Collaborative transport, including collaborative multi-modal transport
  • Computational and artificial intelligence aspects of assisted driving, collaborative transport or multi-modal transport
  • Crowd sourcing and participatory sensing in transport
  • Cameras as sensors for trajectory acquisition and event recognition
  • Computer Vision-based information extraction from image sequences
  • Context aware analysis of movement data
  • New processing frameworks for handling masses of transport data (e.g. Hadoop)
  • Uncertain information in collaborative transport and assisted travelling
  • Mechanism design for collaborative behavior
  • Data mining and statistical learning for travel information
  • Human-computer interfaces in intelligent transportation applications
  • Privacy, security, and trust in transportation information
  • Novel applications targeted to health, mobility, livability and sustainability

The workshop is now accepting paper submission until 2 September 2016.