Flexible decision making under uncertainty for intelligent mobility on-demand

Rigby, M. and Winter, S. Flexible decision making under uncertainty for intelligent mobility on-demand, Workshop on Visually-Supported Reasoning with Uncertainty, GIScience, Vienna, Austria, September 2014.


Interacting with dynamic ride sharing systems for ad-hoc travel is a complex spatio-temporal task. The uncertainty of service supply and demand in this constrained arena challenges the rigidity of traditional human-computer interfaces. Without knowledge of service potential or the effect of their own limiting constraints, clients may simply not find any matching ride. Previous work on an intuitive interface concept, launch pads, resolves this issue by providing clients with visual feedback during a novel 2-step negotiation. Whilst computationally valid, human understanding of the launch pad metaphor and its interaction design still has to be assessed to close the system’s feedback loop. For this purpose usability testing of launch pads is proposed in a directed wayfinding scenario. Results of testing will allow tuning of the system towards validation of the proposed visualization.