Autonomous car and ride sharing: flexible road trains

N. Agatz, A. Bazzan, R. Kutadinata, D. Mattfeld, M. Sester, S. Winter, and O. Wolfson, “Autonomous car and ride sharing: flexible road trains,” (vision paper), in Proceedings of the 24th ACM SIGSPATIAL, 2016.

This paper won the Best Vision Paper award and the CCC Blue Sky Ideas award. Read more in the CCC website.


Since in many cities transport infrastructure is operating at or beyond capacity, novel approaches to organize urban mobility are gaining attraction. However, assessing the benefi ts of a measure that has disruptive capacity in a complex system requires a carefully designed research. This paper takes a recent idea for urban mobility – flexible road trains –¬†and illustrates the computational and research challenges of realizing its full potential and describing its social, ecological and economical impact.