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GIES Research Conference 2014

IMG_1690Our current iMoD research students are members of the Graduate Infrastructure Engineering Society (GIES) at the University of Melbourne. Each year GIES organises a conference at which the majority of the 130 research students in the department present their work and produce a poster (students who started recently are exempt). Academic staff members, including Stephan Winter and Nicole Ronald, chair sessions and provide feedback to students.

iMoD presented four presentations during the day: Michael Rigby, Rahul Deb Das and Haifeng Zhao presented in 10 minute slots, while Shubham Jain, as a new student, gave a three minute overview of his planned research. On the day, he was awarded a best presentation prize, based on ratings from both academic staff and research students. Prior to the event, Shubham Jain participated in the Second Slide competition.

We look forward to returning next year with more presentations!

Click for Michael's full poster.

Click for Michael’s full poster.

Click for Rahul's full poster.

Click for Rahul’s full poster.

iMoD at Melbourne Knowledge Week: TransportCamp

As part of Melbourne Knowledge Week, the iMoD team went to the first TransportCamp in Australia. Ably organised by local transport planners, the day took on an unconference format with 30 minute sessions.

Nicole Ronald led a session on (non-)ideal conditions for flexible transportation, aiming to get an idea of where flexible transport might and mightn’t work in a Melbourne context. Session participants were provided with sample activity-travel plans as a prompt. Discussions included passenger perception of flexible transportation and certain activity-travel plans being too complex to get rid of one’s car.

We plan to use the ideas raised to inform data collection, interviews and further model development in the near future.